Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A lot can happen in a week...

On Friday, I was blessed to have a baby shower thrown for me at school.  Baby Brody was spoiled rotten with all the wonderful, thoughtful gifts.  He got some adorable clothes, and other practical and useful items.  I am lucky to have such wonderful women (and men) on my campus.  After the fun of the baby shower coming to a close, Gabe and I headed off to Addison to meet some good friends from Tech that we do not see often enough!  We had a great time with girls on one side of the table chatting and gossiping, while the boys were on the other side of the table reminising about a spring break trip they all took together many years ago!  Thanks to the 3 who drove up from Houston!  We had a great time with everyone and we enjoyed eating yummy fajitas from Blue Goose!
Saturday was B-U-S-Y!  I got up and went to meet some girls to plan a baby shower for my friend Amber.  We got lots accomplished, and I think it is going to turn out adorable.  Then, I ran home for a quick minute to pick up my hubby and off we go to my school for a bit.  After an hour, we headed over to Bella's 3rd birthday party over in Arlington.  Bella is mine and Gabe's adorable niece.  Unfortunately Chris had the flu so he couldn't even enjoy his daughters birthday party.  He had to stay outside since there were so many kids around, and me and my preggo belly!  I cannot believe how grownup little miss Bella is.  She will be a great cousin to Brody.  And she is hilarious...she told me that she had Brody in her tummy too.  How cute is that?  After we left the party, Gabe and I headed over to Babies R Us and Target to get a few items we needed that were still necessary to have before our new family member arrives.  Thankfully we had some giftcards to spend.  
Sunday was almost as busy as Saturday, but we were home most of the day.  All of Brody's 0-3 month clothes are officially washed and ready to go.  We have our bags packed, the car seat installed and moved the cradle upstairs.  After our mattress comes is delivered, we can finish setting up his bed.  
Yesterday, after work I met up with some of my friends from Fossil, who I miss dearly.  It was our last dinner before I become a mommy.  How weird is that?  I always enjoy their company and love to hear the latest gossip from Fossil.  While I was gabbing and eating delicious Pei Wei, Gabe went and took some photos on the progress of the house! His pictures were really dark since it was so late, but luckily our wonderful sales manager had gone over today to see the progress and sent us some pictures that were taken in the daylight.  She is so thoughtful to do that since she knows we are a little farther away and is sometimes tricky to get out there.  This picture is the one that Dana took today.  

Please do not be jealous of all of the sexy men working on my house, ladies!  ;)

Baby Update-  No news.  No progress to share, which is alright by me considering our magic day is the 14th!  We are hoping for the 14th so I am able to maximize my time off from school.  No other reason than that.  Yesterday, while at my weekly appointment, we asked our doctor about how big she thinks our little guys might measure.  Her comment back was, "I am sure you will have a good size baby."  Her guess was 8.5 lbs.  Bigger than I am hoping for!  haha.  We love our doctor and know we are in good hands when she is around.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Here is our house!  1 week into the build process!  Many more weeks to go...

I received a clean bill of health on my last doc. visit.  No progress as of this moment (in case you were wondering).  We shall see on Monday if there is more news to share.  If Brody doesn't come on his due date or anytime between it and March 16, then we have decided to have March 16 be the birthday.  Gabe and I are still hoping for the 14th!  Anyone willing to make a guess as to what day you think he will arrive?  I feel great, just tired feet at the end of a long day of teaching. Oh yeah and having the urge to pee every 30 seconds, that's pretty fun when you can't get up and go to the restroom at your convenience. Poor Gabe!!!  He gets to hear my complaints all the time.  He has been an amazing support to me, even with an easy pregnancy.  I cannot wait to see the dad he is about to become.  I can already tell he will be a wonderful one.  Brody sure is lucky!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Gabe and I had a very productive and enjoyable weekend.  Friday night we treated Gabe's mom to dinner at the delicious Taco Diner in Southlake.  She had ordered the bedding for the cradle Baby Brody will be sleeping in until we move.  We are going to be doing a monkey theme in the nursery, come June, and she was able to find the cutest sock monkey fabric (you know, those stuffed animals that are brown with the huge red lips??)  It is dressed up with brown and white polka dot trim.  Anyway, she brought it all over Friday night since it came in!  We were so thrilled with the outcome.  

Saturday, Gabe and I got up and took care of some car business!  Got my car's oil changed, washed, and tires rotated.  Gabe got his inspection done, car washed, and tires rotated.  We had a movie and dinner date beginning at 3:15 to see He's Just Not That Into You.  I really enjoyed i he movie and thought it turned out to be cuter than I expected.  I have such a great guy to always take me to see my chick flicks!  :)  After the movie, we dined at Silver Fox.  We had never been and we had very high expectations after all the personal reviews we have heard from family and friends.  We were sat right next to Mike Snyder from channel 5 news! Gabe and I joked the whole dinner that we can't go anywhere without sitting right next to famous people after all of the meals we have had with celebrities in LA!  hehe.  It was fun and made for some great laughs.  Guess you had to be there. ..After dinner we came home and barged in on mom and Ron's dinner. OOPS!  We hurried upstairs to let them finish.  Later Gabe and I came downstairs and I had more dessert!  I went to bed so full, it was hard to lay with this huge, massive belly protruding out of me!  
Valentine's Day is my anniversary of getting Rocky as my Valentine gift...can't believe its my fourth year with him in my life.  I like to think everyday with him is a gift.  He is such a sweet, adorable, energetic, fun-loving dog.  I am so attached to this dog it is unbelievable.  Everyone says, just wait until kids are in the picture, but Rocky will always have a huge piece of my heart (kids or not).

Sunday, mom and I went over to my sister's to help her put together some outfits for her new job.  She has to dress up everyday so we were able to organize some things for her.  We also went to get a few things at the store in order to fill in a few holes she had in her wardrobe.  I was able to go to school for a couple hours to get some things done.  While the girls were away Gabe was able to finish up staining, polishing, and putting together the cradle for the little guy.  It looks so good! He worked really hard and it definitely shows.  I cannot believe it is the same cradle Gabe slept in as a baby.  It looks brand new!  Now, we just need the cradle mattress and we are good to go.  I am excited to set the cradle up and find a spot for it in the room!  
I was lucky enough to have the day off from school today (Monday), but I still worked!  Fun fun!  I was able to get a few things done around the house, such as research pediatricians online, try to get Rocky's skin allergies under control by talking with the vet and deciding to have him tested at a doggy dermatologist.  Poor guy, we feel so bad for him, we know he is just miserable!  He is scratching and biting his legs and feet uncontrollably so we are having to put his "lampshade" on until his appointment in 3 weeks!!   

We go back to the doctor tomorrow and we are going to drive by the lot and see the progress on the house.  Hopefully we will be able to see it in the daylight this time so we can take a picture.  It's only been a week, but we are anxious to see what has been accomplished in the past 7 days.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


All is well at my 35 week check up.  Brody is measuring right on and his heartbeat is normal.  My weight gain is very average, a little more than I would have hoped for, but overall I feel as though I have maintained quite well.  I am definitely not skimping on any cravings though!  haha.   They said he is beginning to drop.  Everyone who asks me my due date tells me I am not going to make it that far, but I am actually hoping he is 4 days later than March 10. March 14 is mine and Gabe's magic number so I can maximize my time off from school. March 14 is Kelly's bday too!  :)  We are convinced our little dog, Rocky, is totally clueless and in the dark that his world is about to be shaken up with the new baby.  I think he will adjust well and will do so quickly.  

As you know, Gabe and I are building a house in McKinney and after the doctor appointment yesterday we drove by to see the progress. The official groundbreaking day was Monday, so it was really neat to see the lot cleared and the dirt all shaped and molded for the foundation.  The driveway was also sculpted out with dirt.  It was too dark to get any pictures, but we will take some next time we are out that way to keep everyone updated.  This is really exciting and very nerve racking for me, since this my first home building experience.  I hope the severe weather season is at a minimum this year.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, February 2, 2009

34 Weeks

So here I am at 34 weeks...We had just gotten home from Rocky's first trip to the doggy park, so my hair is a little wind-blown!  
I had an amazing weekend!  I had a wonderful shower hosted by some fabulous girlfriends!  We had a great turn out and really appreciate everyone's attendance.  It meant a lot to have each of you there and I mean that sincerely.  Brody cleaned up with monkey stuffed animals, cute Texas Tech gear, a bath, warmers (bottle and wipes), swaddles, shoes, a swing, a jumperoo....and so much more. All the gifts were perfect and will definitely be used.  Here are a few pics of some of the cute girls at my shower.  I will post more pics later, but this is all I got for now!

The Hostesses - Amber, Brooke, Abby, and me

Fossil Friends - Alison, LeAnna, me
College Friends - Allison, Carli, me, Karley