Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brody is TWO!

Wow, I have a two year old. It is hard to say, but his actions are definitely showing signs of being two. Even though we have our challenging and trying moments, Brody lights up our lives in so many wonderful ways. Here are just some fun facts about you at this point in your life:

You are...
sweet to your big brother
drinking out of a big boy cup very well
sleeping better at night, and starting to let mommy sleep in until 7:00 sometimes (yea!!)
in a mommy 'put me to bed only' stage
in the 2 year old class at preschool
doing sooo much better in church nursery since we switched churches - a HUGE blessing
in a "mine" stage
now sleeping with a blanket and a monkey
starting to take showers instead of baths
swinging a baseball bat extremely well for your age
opening doors easily and starting to open the locks too
counting to 5
reciting your ABCs
identifying a lot of the letters
saying all your colors correctly almost 100% of the time
talking ALL.THE.TIME!
enjoying this gorgeous spring weather by spending lots of time outside
a cuddly little boy

Some of your favorite things are:
Toy Story (Woody and Buzz)
power wheels "truck"
anything food - you love to eat

You are such a sweet and fun loving little boy. Seems like everyone who meets you just falls in love with you. The teachers you had for the past few months at school love you so much, they claim you as their own child. They say that they are Mommy 1 and Mommy 2, that I am Mommy 3. The personality that you have always had is just getting bigger and better and it is infectious. You are so much fun to be around, very charismatic. Everything you are in to and your interests definitely make you ALL BOY! Your vocabulary is exploding. There are new words that you say everyday and I think to myself when did you learn that word? You think you are good at telling mommy and daddy what to do, like "get away" or "sit down." The other night, mommy was laying you down for night night and you told me to close my eyes, since that's what I am always saying to you. Then you went on to rub my back. It was precious. When you want a sip of mommy or daddy's drink you ask for "a bite" instead of a sip. Everyday our love grows deeper and stronger for you. Our hearts are over flowing with love for you. You do test our patience on a regular basis and push us to the limit sometimes, but we wouldn't want you any other way. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Elmo Live

Aunt DeDe (my sister) treated Brody to his very first "show" for his 2nd birthday present. She bought him tickets to see Elmo Live. He, for obvious reasons, isn't able to drive to Grand Prairie on his own, so lucky for them, I got to go too! :) We met my dad for lunch before hand in North Arlington. We were about 20 minutes late to the show since Aunt DeDe had the wrong time. No biggie, I think it was for the best that we were a little bit late. She bought great tickets, we were so close to the action and Brody L.O.V.E.D it. Every time a character would leave the stage he would ask for "more Grover," "more Elmo," and so on. We snapped a few pics during intermission with my phone. I wasn't sure you could take in your camera. I was waaaay wrong and now I know. I would say this was an overall success! Great gift Aunt DeDe!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mini Models

A friend of mine and Gabe's from high school and college has taken her photography hobby and turned it into a business took these pictures. Paige Walker Photography. She has been partnering with boutiques and was in need for some young male models...ok, little boy models for a company called Stinkin Cute Designs. Neither one of my boys lasted very long, Brody was waaaay more interested in the big dogs outside. And Cash was having a bad moment for such an easy going baby. We had fun catching up with her adorable family and we are loving the pics! Thanks Paige!

Birthday Season is Here!

Once Christmas is over, we have about 3 weeks and then Birthday season starts for 6 months for Gabe and I. The majority of our family and friends birthday's are from January to June. We do have a few sprinkled in the fall as well as other fun holidays.

January -
Lindsay's grandpa turned 92. I "celebrated" by visiting him in a rehab facility and taking a Subway sandwich to him with my sister and my dad. He was recovering from pneumonia and trying to get his strength back. He is now home and doing great!
Our friend Adam had a birthday (we were not able to celebrate with our dear friends since Gabe was working at the restaurant and I was home with the boys). I was told it was an exceptionally good evening, although I'm not sure how if Gabe and I weren't in attendance. (I kid. I kid.)
Lindsay's grandma celebrated another year older (we were not able to attend this event either, due to Gabe's restaurant schedule).
A friend of ours hosted a Minnie Mouse themed 2nd birthday party at their home for there daughter, which I took the boys to. I have a couple pics from this party, but they are all a little blurry so I will refrain from posting them. Can you guess where Gabe was????
*sidenote* boy are we glad those restaurant days are behind us -- that was a tough 10 days!

February -
Our sweet niece Bella turned 5! Cannot believe she will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. She is a really smart little girl and know she will adjust well to the start of elementary school. Miss Bella will attend Oakridge Private School in Arlington, where her dad graduated from. She is already there for preschool, so the transition should be a smooth one. Bella had a Strawberry Shortcake themed party at a Bounce House place connected to the Parks Mall in Arlington. Bella couldn't be sweeter to her cousins! Brody l.o.v.e.s. his Bella, hoping Cash feels the same!
Baby Cash hanging with his Nana
Birthday Girl Bella and Brody
Such a poser, about to slide
Slide complete
Having fun with Daddy
Brody in action!
He put ice in his pocket, and it obviously melted...
Good thing we have been practicing his swing! Never know when you will need it.
I won a tootsie roll in the pinata
enjoying my tootsie roll

March -
Mr. Gavin turns 2! Brody is constantly saying "Gavin." These two rascals couldn't be cuter. They have always played well together, for that we are thankful. They have spent many hours at the park together, and I know will spend a lot of time together this summer as well. Hopefully lots of time at the pool! :) We were invited to Gavin's party which was on his actual birthday and we had a blast, even though we got lost and it was here in McKinney! He also had his party at a Bounce House place. I completely forgot my camera. Here is the only pic I have, which I stole from Brooke!
Brody's birthdays posts are coming very soon! I'm almost caught up. We still have a few more birthdays to celebrate, so I am sure more bday posts will be in our near future!