Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brody's 1st BirthDAY

The day of Brody's birthday we started like every normal day. Get up, get dressed

(but in our Birthday Boy shirt compliments of LeAnna), and off to "school" we go. His morning was just his regular routine. But when we (Brody and I) got home, Daddy was already home and waiting to spend the afternoon with us! What a nice surprise for the birthday boy! A few weeks before Brody's birthday I was trying to decide on something special we could do for him on this special day. I was thinking along the lines of Chuck E Cheese, but thought he would be a little to little to enjoy it. A friend at work had told me about a place in Frisco that is fairly similar to Chuck E Cheese but has a better section for kids his age. It is called Wiggly Play Center which is based off of the show The Wiggles. I was really looking forward to this for Brody. I knew he was going to have fun and especially playing in the ball pit I knew they were going to have! Well, we were not impressed! There were kids EVERYWHERE! Yes, I know that is to be expected especially since Brody's birthday falls during Spring Break. But where were the parents??? There were 6 - 8 year olds in the infant room. Maybe they need some extra staff to help regulate if the parents aren't. There was a group of about 4 "big" kids who were trampling over Brody and another little boy trying to go down the only slide they could go down. At one point the other mom got on to those kids to watch out for the smaller boys. Maybe I am being a little over protective and I know when I was a youngster I am sure I did the same thing. Being on this side of it really opened my eyes to always keep a watchful eye. I do think Brody had fun, he just still might have been a little to little for the Wiggly Play Center too. Maybe next year! Oh yeah, and no ball pit either!
Mommy helping me go down the slide, while Daddy is at the bottom to catch me!

Riding a mechanical horse. This was pretty fun! You can't tell by his face, but he did like this!

Enjoying my first Jamba Juice on the way home! He LOVED it and knew exactly how to use the straw!

We were thankful to be able to spend the afternoon with our birthday boy, even if it didn't go quite as I had it planned in my imagination. It was good to spend a beautiful afternoon together as a family.

12 Month Stats:
Weight: 21 lbs. 1 oz (23 %tile)
Height: 28 3/4 inches (18 %tile)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

1 Year Well Check

We had Brody's 1 year well check the day before his birthday and all is well. He cleared all of our doctor's one year milestones and our pedi gave us a tip for something to work on for his 15 month well check, pointing. We are starting to demonstrate pointing and I really think he is already starting to catch on (since I am so late in posting this). He got two stinky shots and cried a little bit, but he is still a champ when it comes to those nasty needles.

He weighs 21 lbs and 1 oz (23%tile)
He is 28 3/4" tall (18%)

The percentages definitely increased from the last visit, and glad he is healthy and growing! Brody is looking more and more like a big boy. Now that he is one, we are officially parents of a toddler! Eeek! :)