Monday, May 30, 2011

Cash is 6 months

Time sure is flying! Cash is (was on April 26th) 6 months old! We sure do love this little fella. He is 98% happy and we are sooo blessed and extremely thankful. This "2nd baby" stuff and his mellow personality combined have really made things much easier to have double-baby-duty. There are some difficult moments/days thrown in there but overall, we couldn't ask for a better "peanut!"

Here are a few tid-bits about Baby Cash that I wrote down at 6 months.

Weigh 16 pounds 5 ounces
Loves to grab your face
Really enjoys eating fruits. Not so much a fan of the vegetable.
Getting super close to holding his own bottle.
Almost sitting up independently.
Loves loves loves his jumperoo/exersaucer.
Going 2 days (M and T) to preschool with Mommy. 2 days with Grandma and sometimes Grandpa (W and Th). And Fridays with Nana.
He really gets excited when he sees Gabe. He will twist his neck and contort his body so he can see him.
Putting more toys and other objects in his mouth.
No teeth my friend.
Starting to use the paci less and his 2 fingers more (index and middle).
Enjoys being outside before it gets stifling hot outside.
Still uses his monkey lovie.
So happy all.the.time!
Not so much a fan of being rocked in the rocking chair. Would rather be laid down and fall asleep by him self.
Has 4 - 6oz bottles a day.
Eats 3 solid meals. (Stage 2)
Mommy makes all fruit, sweet potatoes, and squash. The store provides the remaining food choices.
We tried giving puffs once and he gagged and spit them out. Will try again soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Princess Birthday Party

Stop #3 on our crazy busy Saturday!

My dear, long-time friend Cortney has a darling little girl who is just a few short weeks younger than Brody and we were invited to celebrate her birthday! I have known Cortney for 20+ years and her husband, Justin, went to HS with Gabe and I. Their daughter, MaKenna, is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen! She is so sweet tempered and just precious! The party was princess themed, which I am sure if you have a girl at some point you will have some kind of princess themed party. This was the perfect day to have an outdoor party. They had setup a massive princess bounce house, baby pool, and a water sprinkler to play in. One of MaKenna's present was a two-seater power wheels, and Brody pretty much hogged it the whole time. It was F.A.S.T too!! Cash snoozed for most of the time, but was up people watching some too!

Riding in the awesome power wheels, he drove it some too. It was very fast and it could even be switched into reverse.

Brody and MaKenna having snack time with Cortney's dad

The Birthday Girl, MaKenna

My sweet boy

This boy was so sweet to drive Brody around. He loves playing with bigger kids!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Backyard Fun

Stop #2 on our crazy busy Saturday!

Was at my dad's house. We aren't in Arlington very often and we had a little bit of time to spare, so we decided to go hang with my dad and my grandpa (Brody and Cash's grandpa and great-grandpa) for a little while. My stepmom was out of town visiting family. Brody and my dad enjoyed "broom" fighting and blowing bubbles, while everyone else stayed inside where it was cooler! We had a very "healthy" fried chicken lunch and enjoyed all of the company. Some napped, and we all played! Baby Cash showed off his sitting up skills a few times, but mommy didn't get any pics.

Bella and Brody

STOP #1 on our crazy busy Saturday!

Ms. Bella had a school performance that was so so so darling to watch. They sang oldies songs and few more current ones too. They had motions to the songs and some of the kids had speaking parts to intro the next song. During some of the songs, the kids showed off their talents, such as cartwheels, hula hoops, and more! I really enjoyed it. After the show, Brody and Bella ran around outside and played a little.

Sweet cousins! Just cannot wait for Baby Cash to join in on the fun too!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Lewis Family Wedding

Gabe's brother, Chris, married his bride, Angela, in April. They have a 5 year old named Bella, who we all love and adore, especially Brody! They were married in Arlington in a very intimate setting, just a perfect time for their sweet family. We were blessed to be apart of it, even though baby Cash ruined 2 outfits during the short time we were in Arlington! Here are some pictures from the evening. The reception/dinner was in Ft Worth at Blue Mesa. My MIL made the cakes, and the chocolate was to.die.for!!! So yummy! The weather was perfect for a patio reception! An overall perfect day. Welcome to the family, Angela!

Pre-ceremony. Keeping entertained!

Practicing giving the rings to the right person

The kiss!

Their relationship hasn't always been storybook, but we are glad to see it has a happy ending!

What a sweet family

Hugs all around!

Look at that brotherly love

Toasting to the bride and groom

I just love this one!

The cakes

The Happy Couple making silly faces (not on purpose)

Grand Dad

Nana with 2 of her grandbabies

The Groom

Park Days