Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Princess Birthday Party

Stop #3 on our crazy busy Saturday!

My dear, long-time friend Cortney has a darling little girl who is just a few short weeks younger than Brody and we were invited to celebrate her birthday! I have known Cortney for 20+ years and her husband, Justin, went to HS with Gabe and I. Their daughter, MaKenna, is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen! She is so sweet tempered and just precious! The party was princess themed, which I am sure if you have a girl at some point you will have some kind of princess themed party. This was the perfect day to have an outdoor party. They had setup a massive princess bounce house, baby pool, and a water sprinkler to play in. One of MaKenna's present was a two-seater power wheels, and Brody pretty much hogged it the whole time. It was F.A.S.T too!! Cash snoozed for most of the time, but was up people watching some too!

Riding in the awesome power wheels, he drove it some too. It was very fast and it could even be switched into reverse.

Brody and MaKenna having snack time with Cortney's dad

The Birthday Girl, MaKenna

My sweet boy

This boy was so sweet to drive Brody around. He loves playing with bigger kids!

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