Monday, May 2, 2011

Party Time

Theme: Toy Story
Location: ASI Gymnastics, Allen Texas
Date: Saturday, March 19th
Time: 3:00 pm

I was not too keen on the idea of having a whole bunch of 2 year olds running around my house, and the thought of trying to keep them all entertained sent shivers down my I opted to have his party somewhere. Best idea ever! We had been invited to a birthday party at a gymnastics center right after Cash was born and thought that looked like fun. I have also been very interested in enrolling Brody in the Little Gym or Gymboree so I looked into those. We also looked into a couple other gymnastic places, but decided the one we were invited to in Allen was the place to have it. Gabe was insistent of having a foam pit that the kids could play in, and this place had it all!

We scheduled the party to be the Saturday after his birthday and wanted the theme to involve something he is totally in to right now, and that my friends is TOY STORY. He is slightly obsessed with Buzz and Woody. I know he is not the only one because there were Toy Story decorations galore! I didn't want to go overboard so I just had a few Toy Story themed decorations and played along with the colors as well. The bright green and blue were great colors to work with, I really like them together.

A girl that works with Gabe designed our invitations, and they are super cute. My original plan was to ask for books in lieu of gifts and then donate all of the books to a charity of some sort, but that was accidentally left of the invite. Maybe next year...

The fabulous cake decorated by Brody's Nana (Gabe's mom)

The easiest and most simple decorations ever!

Gabe made Candy Sushi

Party favor bags

Here are just some of the photos taken of everyone enjoying the fun!

Brody getting some air

2 out of the 3 musketeers, just missing Gavin

School friend, Tanner (aka: Nanner-Poss)

School friend, Alex

Baby C needed some camera action

Shiloh has some serious tramp skills!

School friends, Quinn and Ella

One of Brody's BFFs, Teagan

Having fun on the slide

Cutie Patootie Haven

Everyone loved the balloons. Our sweet neighbor, Sylvia

Sylvia, Haven, and Tanner

Seth can really jump!

Carson and Avery (twins) and Ella

Teagan and Hailey enjoying the bubbles

Quinn on the rope

B and his preschool girlfriend, Ella

All that playing really works up a thirst

Brody opening all of his presents! This part of the party was absolute chaos! It felt very rushed, some of the guests were restless, and as we are opening I felt like we were shouting to the gymnastics staff what we were opening and who it was from hoping they got it right. That was my only dislike for the whole she-bang and it wasn't that big of a deal, just wished it could have been a little more organized. Even though those 10-15 minutes were slightly hectic, Mr. Brody received so many wonderful gifts! Thank you! Thank you!

Brody and friends enjoying the cake

We had a great turn out. We are truly blessed by all of our wonderful friends and family.

Family Pictures

Once we got home, I really wanted a picture of Brody holding his #2 balloon. This is the best we got before the balloon was set free into the sky.

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