Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brody's 2nd BirthDAY

Our original plan was to spend Brody's 2nd birthday in Austin, since Gabe was supposed to be there all week for a work thing at South By Southwest, a large music and film festival. The closer it got to Brody's birthday he realized that it was going to be possible for him to be home the day before Brody's big day. Yea! What a relief for this momma. I was having anxiety of driving 2 boys to Austin alone, and then home...especially since we are uninsured at the present time. All the "what if's" were definitely running through my mind. Since I had already requested the day off, and it is Spring Break, it was going to be a bit of a slow day at the preschool, so I kept my day off and Gabe stayed home as well.We took Brody to breakfast at Einstein's Bagels (yummy) and then we went to the indoor playground at our mall. Had lunch, the little boys napped, and then we got out his big surprise present....






We immediately had to take it outside and test it out! There will be many more "practices" before he is able to get the hang of it. He loves that it is a Buzz Lightyear themed bike. He has mastered getting on and off which is a start.

Our neighbors came outside to see the bike and Brody. They brought out a gift as well, a Buzz Lightyear coincidence....and a great one!

One of Brody's favorite thing to do is go to the park, so we had to make that apart of his special day. We met Brooke and Gavin and Amber and Teagan at the park close to our house. Always a fun time with that special group! After the park, we met the Colberg's out for a delicious hibachi dinner. Here he is totally entertained! Loved it!

I would say the day was a success! Happy Birthday sweet one! We love love love you!!!

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