Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brody is TWO!

Wow, I have a two year old. It is hard to say, but his actions are definitely showing signs of being two. Even though we have our challenging and trying moments, Brody lights up our lives in so many wonderful ways. Here are just some fun facts about you at this point in your life:

You are...
sweet to your big brother
drinking out of a big boy cup very well
sleeping better at night, and starting to let mommy sleep in until 7:00 sometimes (yea!!)
in a mommy 'put me to bed only' stage
in the 2 year old class at preschool
doing sooo much better in church nursery since we switched churches - a HUGE blessing
in a "mine" stage
now sleeping with a blanket and a monkey
starting to take showers instead of baths
swinging a baseball bat extremely well for your age
opening doors easily and starting to open the locks too
counting to 5
reciting your ABCs
identifying a lot of the letters
saying all your colors correctly almost 100% of the time
talking ALL.THE.TIME!
enjoying this gorgeous spring weather by spending lots of time outside
a cuddly little boy

Some of your favorite things are:
Toy Story (Woody and Buzz)
power wheels "truck"
anything food - you love to eat

You are such a sweet and fun loving little boy. Seems like everyone who meets you just falls in love with you. The teachers you had for the past few months at school love you so much, they claim you as their own child. They say that they are Mommy 1 and Mommy 2, that I am Mommy 3. The personality that you have always had is just getting bigger and better and it is infectious. You are so much fun to be around, very charismatic. Everything you are in to and your interests definitely make you ALL BOY! Your vocabulary is exploding. There are new words that you say everyday and I think to myself when did you learn that word? You think you are good at telling mommy and daddy what to do, like "get away" or "sit down." The other night, mommy was laying you down for night night and you told me to close my eyes, since that's what I am always saying to you. Then you went on to rub my back. It was precious. When you want a sip of mommy or daddy's drink you ask for "a bite" instead of a sip. Everyday our love grows deeper and stronger for you. Our hearts are over flowing with love for you. You do test our patience on a regular basis and push us to the limit sometimes, but we wouldn't want you any other way. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

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