Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It has been a busy 2 months for us celebrating many birthdays, a couple out of town weddings, and visiting out of town family!

We drove to Florida for Gabe's cousin Beth's destination wedding in late May. It was a long commute, but well worth it! Brody was amazing on the road, there and back! The DVD player was a hit and also a huge saving grace! This was Brody's 2nd time to a beach, but the first time for him to really enjoy it! Here are some pictures of the lovely wedding weekend.

We drove down to the Houston area to see Gabe's grandma (Mam-maw), and were able to stay at his uncle's house and visit with them as well. She had never seen or met Brody so it was wonderful experience. She has a disease that affects her muscles, she is all there but it is extremely difficult for her to do anything that uses any muscles in her body such as speaking and turning her head from side to side. Luckily she is in a wonderful home where they are taking awesome care of her! Brody was a little nervous getting close to her but we were able to snap a few sweet moments. Gabe's cousins are young and loved hanging with B-man. They played dress up (that's what you get with all girl cousins) and drove him around in this cool wheeled contraption!

Then I took a trip up to Nebraska for my cousin's wedding. This was my first time to ever spend one night away from Brody. This. Was. Painful!!!! I knew he was in the great care of his daddy, but I was so sad to leave him. It was a very low key trip and gave me plenty of time to rest and not do a whole lot. But I was glad to get home! Loved seeing my NE family and will get back up there soon!


Debbie said...

omg, I LOVE all of the beach pictures of you guys and of Brody. how precious!!

The Q. Family said...

The beach pictures are GREAT!!!!! You are so beautiful Lindz!

Brooke said...

your beach pictures are fabulous!!! missed you this week. :)

Kim said...

Yea! I just saw you have a blog.... We just started one so I am adding you to ours! I am so excited that you are pregnant again! And that Brody, what a cutie! Hope you are doing well!