Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Talking Machine

Brody is starting to talk more and more. I am loving listening to his little voice. Of course I think he is the smartest thing EVER, but I am his mommy so I am allowed! It is amazing how much he has grown, changed and developed these past 16 months.

Here is a list of the words he is saying to date and using in the correct context:
Thank you (my fav) "taan choo"
Milk "mal"
Snack "nak"
More "ma"
Elmo "Melmo" (so cute!)
Dog "daaaaaaawg"
Sock "ock"
Shoe "shhhhhh"
Juice "uice"
Bear "baaarr" (new this week)
Ouch "owww"
Vroom vroom
Bye bye
No (doesn't say too often)
Uh oh (first word besides momma and dadda)

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