Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7 weeks

Today I am officially 7 weeks preggers and my first doctor's visit is in one week.  I am so anxious.  I have questions that I have been writing down so I won't forget to ask her anything.  As far as feeling pregnant, I really don't feel any different.  Haven't had any morning sickness...the only thing is, I don't really have much of a taste for anything but I am definitely still eating!!  So as of now, please don't ask me "what sounds good to you?"  It is good to know my friend Brooke who is a few days to a week ahead of me is feeling the same way (about food).  She just doesn't know I am pregnant yet!  It is such a hard thing to keep to yourself especially when you see people at work everyday and your close family and friends.  I just want to blurt out the good news, but I also want to be safe and wait 5 more weeks.  We will probably start telling more and more people after the doctor visit.  It's too hard!

Happy Tuesday!

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Paige said...

You shut up right now!!!!!!! I am so excited for yall!!!! I know how you feel about not telling people at work, I waited for a while too because I was scared my principal would be mad and start questioning me about working the next school year. OMG I am just so happy. I gasped and put my hands on my mouth when I read you were preg. Love you!