Sunday, November 16, 2008

Picture Update

I would love to post a new picture of my ever-growing belly, but we have lost our camera charger and the camera battery is d-e-a-d!  Maybe I can get Gabe to go get us a new one.  We are going back to the doctor on Tuesday and will be getting another sonogram, so hopefully we can put that up too.  Also, need to get a pic of my pretty anniversary flowers before they start to fade.  :)

Short and sweet...  Happy Sunday to all!

Anyone know if there is a way to upload the song that Gabe had made for me to the blog?  I would love to share it!  Just not technological advanced and unsure how to make it happen.

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Julie Adams said...

To get the music from your CD... you should be able to upload it to your hard drive then get a music player... look at Allison and Wendy Rhodes' blogs for an example of where to get one... or you can go into editing your blog and it should have a place to add music. I haven't gotten that blog savvy yet, but it's a place to start!