Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Poor Tech

What a sad day in Raider Land, or Raiderville (I guess that is something new this year).  We still love our Red Raiders, even after the huge loss.  Glad we were able to spend time with great friends!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Latest

Went to the doctor bright and early this AM to check in on little Brody.  All is well.  My tummy measured normal and his heart beat was normal.  We were lucky enough to get another sonogram (for free!!).  Last time we went was to find out we were having a little Brody and I had just made a comment to the doctor that since it is my first pregnancy I wished that I could have seen the little guy move around a little more.  Not mad at all, and totally understood that the sonographer was getting all of her measurements and doing her job.  So I get a phone call the next day from a super sweet lady at the doctors office apologizing that I didn't get the attention that I was hoping for, going on and on, so nice of them...  I was assured that I could have a complimentary sonogram anytime my schedule permitted. (not the outcome I was expecting or hoping for by saying something, but heck...I will take it!)  Well, since we moved to Colleyville for a little while, it is harder for me to get all the way over to McKinney, so I just combined it with the appointment I had scheduled for this morning at 7:30!  This time our doctor did it and really took the time to point out everything and got to see him move so much.  He was moving is arms around and opened his mouth once for us.  So weird because some of the movements we saw on the screen, I could feel them too.  Such a miracle growing inside.  An amazing feeling. I am not sure if it has really hit me that I am going to have a baby!

Baby count:
Gabe and I - boy
Brooke and Steve - boy
Cortney and Justin - girl
Adam and Amber - TBD

As soon as we get our camera charged up, I will post pictures I promise!
Goodnight, its almost my bedtime!  :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Picture Update

I would love to post a new picture of my ever-growing belly, but we have lost our camera charger and the camera battery is d-e-a-d!  Maybe I can get Gabe to go get us a new one.  We are going back to the doctor on Tuesday and will be getting another sonogram, so hopefully we can put that up too.  Also, need to get a pic of my pretty anniversary flowers before they start to fade.  :)

Short and sweet...  Happy Sunday to all!

Anyone know if there is a way to upload the song that Gabe had made for me to the blog?  I would love to share it!  Just not technological advanced and unsure how to make it happen.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So last night was mine and Gabe's 3 year wedding anniversary, but also our anniversary from when we began dating back in high school.  This anniversary was a milestone...10 years together.  I have decided that I officially have the most wonderful hubby in all of the land!  We both agreed not to get anything for each other and that we would just go to dinner.  I chose steak, he chose Del Frisco's since neither of us have been there.
Yesterday, while I am at school, I get an email titled "Surprise" from the office.  I figured they were anniversary flowers.  Picked them up...beautiful orange roses and lily's!  Thinking this was my anniversary gift.  So sweet.  Early on in our relationship we decided not to do flowers too often since they are pricey and die just a short time later, so getting flowers yesterday was a nice surprise.  Love them!  They have already opened so much in one day.  I'll try to take a picture and post later.  Anyway, we get home, get ready for dinner.  Get in the car.  Off to Ft. Worth.  Gabe starts playing some music and says that I need to listen close because this is my anniversary card.  I was so confused.  Those who know me really well, know that this is not hard to do (to confuse me).  The song played, a man was singing a song I hadn't heard before.  At first I just thought "10 long years" and "when I first saw you in grey" were coincidences, I kept asking, "Who is this??"  "Just listen," was the reply.  Then he started singing about LA and Reese, Gemini's, and of course the little nugget.  That's when I knew this wasn't just any song, Gabe had a friend write and record a song for this very special occassion.  I was crying happy tears.  Probably one of the most sweetest things anyone has ever done.  Not to mention the maternity jeans he bought me and also the "Twilight" book that I can now read! (People have been talking about this book for so long, I am so excited to read it...and then see the movie).
I hope you are asking yourself, "so...what did Lindsay do for Gabe?"  Because this is where it gets good.  For this milestone anniversary, I decided to get him a card.  That's it!  Seriously.

I am forever indebted to my wonderful, amazing, caring, thoughtful, creative, loving, fantastic, fabulous Gabe!  I am so lucky to have such a perfect man in my life.

(Don't worry, I am thinking of something I can get him--it will just be a little belated)  It's hard being preggo and teaching.