Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brody is a bully?

Yep, that's right! My son is a bully! As you know, I recently started a part time job at a preschool here in McKinney (takes me 10 mins to get to work...I'm lucky!) Anyway, one of the reasons I took the job is because Brody gets to come with. AND I get to watch him all day since he is in the room next door. Fabulous set-up....right?? Well, yes and no. Yes because I want to be with my son all day and the next best thing is to be able to see him. And I like to watch him interact with others. No because he cries when he sees me through the window (so sad, I just want to run over there and pick him up) and also because I hear "uh uh Brody!" allllllllll day...or for the time we are there anyway. He is beating up the other children. Not really, but he is a hair puller, toy stealer, and a clothes puller. He is making 9 month olds and 13 month olds cry as well as the adorable little girls in his room who are the same age. I hope his socialization skills improve with him going to "school" everyday.


Kelly said...

of course i'm not a mommy but those things change! i think he's a sweet boy! and who could resist that adorable face???

Devon said...
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Devon said...

That-a-boy Brody, show'em whose boss. Just because you are little doesn't mean you can't take charge. :) I mean, be nice sweet boy. Please don't forbid me from being in his life Lindsay.