Monday, May 31, 2010

An Official Statement

As most of you know through hear-say or Facebook, we are pregnant again with Lewis Baby #2!

I am about 17 weeks along and due November 5th. This has been another easy breezy pregnancy. I am so blessed in that department. I sometimes still have to remind myself of it. At this point, I am just now starting to get a preggo belly, not the "I look bloated" stage. Although I can still wear the majority of regular clothes without feeling uncomfortable, which I am sure won't be for long. Everyone tells me you start to show earlier with the 2nd pregnancy, and I am believing it. I think I started this phase around 19 weeks with Brody.

We just went to the doctor for our 3rd visit and so far I have gained one pound without being sick at all. I am sure I have gained more than that since we just drove to Florida and ate out junk food everyday. As a birthday present from my doctor we had a brief sonogram. We were actually able find out what we are having and some know, but I will wait for 2 weeks until our official sonogram to announce it here.

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