Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Dear Dearest Pacifier,

Thank you for all the moments when you have helped soothe my son. These times may have included, but are not limited to the following: after getting hurt, helping to fall asleep at night, muting a fussy baby in a quite place, and sometimes just because he found you in the toy box or saw you on the counter. Well, we have really enjoyed our time with you in our lives, but it may be time for you to pack up yourself along with your other paci friends and move on out. This is not my decision, nor is it the decision of my husband, Gabe. The power lies with my one year old son, Brody, for this is the 3rd time he has fallen asleep with out you and does not seem to notice. One of those times he cried every time you were offered to him.
Anyhow, we will see what the next few days hold as far as your future is concerned. We may try to keep you around for a little bit longer for emergency purposes only.
I will not miss washing, wiping, and sterilizing you. I will not miss searching for you around the house when we have 15 of you and cannot seem to find one! I will not miss frantically digging in my baby bag for you while my son cries for you. And I will not miss buying replacement paci's, especially since every time I buy replacements your price has increased.
You have helped us greatly for the past 17 months. I am slightly sad to see your departure is near since this means that my son is continuing to grow up into a little boy. First it was departing with the bottle, and now it is your turn. Next up, the crib.
Thank you dearest paci for your saving graces, but I think your time is coming to an end. You will be missed (for the most part). I have included some pictures of your time with the Lewis family as a good-bye gift. Please, take care.


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Jalei & Lane said...

Cute post. Be glad Brody is the one not wanting it anymore instead of you having to wean him off of it. I think I'm going to start that process in a month & I'm really nervous about it!