Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is actually an under-statement, but Brody L-O-V-E-S water! He loves it when it comes out of a faucet and a water hose. He loves bath time and loves to go swimming! It has become very normal for him to cry when "water time" has come to an end, even at preschool. They tell me he cries every time it is time to go inside. To feed in to his love, we bought a blow up pool for our backyard. And man does he love it! We wonder if the fact that his Zodiac sign is a Pisces "The Fish," has anything to do with it??

Here are some photos of him in the pool we purchased for him (and baby #2 - beginning next summer). It is big enough for Gabe or I to be in it with him. A nice way to cool off in the TX heat.


Kelly said...

awww that is so sweet!

Debbie said...

so fun! we say the same thing about Jacob! he's also a one day! :)

6601Charleston said...

His little buddah belly is from drinking most of the water :)