Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great and COLD turkey day. Wonderful company and conversation, delicious food, and enjoyed watching the little ones play. Gabe and I hosted Thanksgiving at our home this year. We ordered a cajun turkey from Dickey's BBQ for the second year (highly recommended!) and our families provided the rest. Here are a few pics for our memories.

Brody Man helping Aunt Devon stir the gravy

Why are you taking my picture? Just give me food!!

Adorable Bella, our niece

This is what Cash did most of the day....

Lunch time!!

Brody playing with the football that I HAD to get ON Thanksgiving Day. Not sure who is more of a child, Gabe or Brody??? ;)

Dog pile...not sure why they did this, but Brody and Bella loved it!!

My dad and stepmom with Baby Cash

Brody Bear watching football with Uncle Chris

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