Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cash is 4 months!

At the end of February, Cash turned 4 months old! He is one of the happier babies I have been around and really only cries when he is really hungry or really tired. He has started to laugh when you tickle him under the chin. A-dorable! He has developed an obsession with his monkey lovie (thanks Colberg's).
He sleeps with it almost 100% of the time and it MUST be really close to his face. We do go in and peek on him several times to make sure nothing is covering his sweet face at nap/night time. He has started rolling from tummy to back, but only on his time, not consistently. Cash seems so much bigger than Brody (weight wise) at this time, mainly based on the clothing that Cash fits into. When we went to our well visit, Cash actually weighed a few ounces under Brody's 4 month weight. We were shocked! He is healthy healthy healthy! He is exclusively being fed breast milk and doing a great job eating it. He is in 3-6 month clothes. Wearing a 1-2 diaper, about to switch to size 2. He isn't loving tummy time, but we will get there. He does love our Jumperoo, which is fun to watch. Gabe thinks Cash is going to be a really funny person when he grows up. So, we shall see...

I am really trying to treasure time with my boys, because I am realizing how fast they grow up.

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