Friday, June 3, 2011


Easter was a nice, relaxing day. We started off the day going to church, like most Sundays, but were thankful to have heard such a wonderful message at the new church we have been going to. Also, we were thankful to have my MIL join us at church! We had some family over and to make the day stress free, we ordered pizza and ate on paper plates! Had a hard time finding a pizza place that was open! My Dad and step-mom came over, my Grandpa rode with them, and my MIL came over as well. We all enjoyed playing with the boys and relaxing!

Enjoying the nice weather outside!

Daddy threw my big green ball over the fence on accident (which we never got back BTW)

Cash getting some Nana love!

Brody and Mommy dying eggs - it was our first time to do this together and very fun! Can't wait for Cash to participate next year.

Hanging with the Breault side of the fam

This is what happens when "someone" doesn't take their nap! Bed at 6:00pm!! That N.E.V.E.R. happens!!!!!

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