Friday, June 3, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect?

Well, not so much in this case! Brody had three opportunities to hunt eggs this Easter and every time he did the.exact.same.thing. All he was interested in doing was opening the eggs to see if they were interesting or not. He would open the egg, then proceed to open the candy (if that is what was in the egg), throw the plastic egg shell on the ground and then eat the candy. And Repeat. It really was kind of funny though! Not sure he grasped the whole concept, but he had fun and that is what mattered most!

The first hunt was at school, the Friday before Easter.
He loves these cars!

The second hunt was in our neighborhood, the Saturday morning before Easter.
Our sweet, sweet neighbors

The third hunt was later that same day at a birthday party for a little girl who used to go to our preschool. Her mom and I have stayed in contact some. Such a sweet family!
Hailey, the birthday girl, and her Daddy
Being silly with the bunny ears!
The live on a nice lot that backs up to this pond! He loved sitting and watching!
He is OBSESSED with these little Cozy Coupe cars!

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