Wednesday, February 11, 2009


All is well at my 35 week check up.  Brody is measuring right on and his heartbeat is normal.  My weight gain is very average, a little more than I would have hoped for, but overall I feel as though I have maintained quite well.  I am definitely not skimping on any cravings though!  haha.   They said he is beginning to drop.  Everyone who asks me my due date tells me I am not going to make it that far, but I am actually hoping he is 4 days later than March 10. March 14 is mine and Gabe's magic number so I can maximize my time off from school. March 14 is Kelly's bday too!  :)  We are convinced our little dog, Rocky, is totally clueless and in the dark that his world is about to be shaken up with the new baby.  I think he will adjust well and will do so quickly.  

As you know, Gabe and I are building a house in McKinney and after the doctor appointment yesterday we drove by to see the progress. The official groundbreaking day was Monday, so it was really neat to see the lot cleared and the dirt all shaped and molded for the foundation.  The driveway was also sculpted out with dirt.  It was too dark to get any pictures, but we will take some next time we are out that way to keep everyone updated.  This is really exciting and very nerve racking for me, since this my first home building experience.  I hope the severe weather season is at a minimum this year.  Keep your fingers crossed!


Alyssa and Kevin said...

Hey Lindsay!

Kevin and I are building a house as well. That's so exciting that you had your ground breaking. Ours should be at the end of the month! Who is your builder?

Congratulations on your soon-to-be new addition! Brody is the cutest name ever!

Please tell Gabe I said Hi! It's been so long. I can't believe how far we have all come!!

Kelly and Andrew said...

woohoo! march 14th! :)
he'll be here so soon!