Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am totally beat.  This has been such a busy week and just got home from open house!  yea, fun times for being a teacher!  Half way through it, I realized I had forgotten to change my shoes... oops!  I was still sporting my tennies!  haha.  Oh well, hopefully, if any one noticed, they gave me a break since I am "overdue!"  :)

To give everyone the latest, I am feeling great (except for complete and utter exhaustion after teaching all day) and Baby Brody is still cooking in my extra large, super-sized belly.  I am not really having contractions and if what I feel are contractions, they are not regular or consistant by any means.  The hardest part about my day is figuring out what I can wear since I my tummy has outgrown almost all of my maternity shirts and I do not want to buy anything more for a few more days!  I am hoping for one last weekend of rest before my life is forever dedicated to this little man that is about to enter this wonderful world we have waiting for him.

Love to you all, I am going to rest.

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