Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Life Saver

Could this be the greatest invention?  It seems to be working wonders here in this household!  Last week, we had 2 long nights of no sleep, thanks to our sweet baby boy!  Gabe did some research and got the idea to invest in a sleep positioner.  We went to Babies R US that day and bought one, pictured below.  I think it is the best $30 we have spent in a while.  Everytime we put him down in the cradle to sleep at night, not a peep!  Before the positioner, he would be completely asleep in your arms and the second he went flat on the cradle matress, he began to cry.  I am getting more sleep thanks to this wonderful invention!


Jennifer said...

we had to do something similar to that too...Mollie had acid reflux and when she was flat on her back it seemed to make it worse. Thank goodness for wedges!

Paige said...

Those things are great, they can get all snuggled in and then when they are older they can't really roll around so much. Good investment.

Regina said...

Your little guy is so cute! I read your story, and all the same stuff happened to me in my delivery too. I had a c-section scare too, for the exact same reasons! So glad everything turned out great for you both!! Love all the pics of that cute baby!!