Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 month check up

We are (or shall I say I am) a little late in posting about Mr. Brody's 2 month check up at the doctors, but in my defense the appointment was 6 days after his official 2 month birthday, if you want to get all technical... :) We did not enjoy the shots, but glad Gabe was there to comfort us. Although I didn't want to cry until I held Brody post-shots while he was upset. I just wanted to make it all better for him. He was definitely a trooper!

His 2 month stats are as follows:
Weight: 10 lbs 8.5 oz - 20%tile
Height: 23.25" - 53%tile
Head Circ.: 15.50" - 30%tile

He is definitely a little guy! I was thinking he would be more in the 12 pound range...boy, was I way off! Brody and Rocky are now the same weights. I know it will not last long, probably a day or so. My sweet baby is smiling so much now, it is the most precious thing I have ever seen in my 25 (almost 26 -- tomorrow's my bday) years. He is in the process of beginning to roll over, which is awesome and scary at the same time!

He went "swimming" for the first time yesterday! More like, Gabe was holding him in the warm water of the hot tub. He loved it. See pics below.

I am so anxious to get to spend every moment with Brody in just seven short school days! We are both extremely anxious about our big move back to McKinney on the 9th. It is amazing the day is almost here!

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The Q. Family said...

He is adorable!! LOTS of positive thoughts for your move! I hope everything goes smoothly!