Monday, May 4, 2009

7 weeks

(This was actually taken last Monday, 6 weeks, but this is the most recent pic we have of Brody)

Our baby is getting so big!  He is having fussy fits lately but we are thinking it is due to having tummy aches.  The doctor says its normal for breast fed babies to go 6-7 days without pooping, I am not sure its normal for any one, ever!  Anywho, we ended up having to give the little guy a suppository one evening.  A few hours later, we had a messy diaper.  Four days later, he pooped on his own..yea :)  well that was last Monday.  We have not had a dirty diaper since, until yesterday afternoon poor baby Brody received his second suppository and again, a few hours later, we had a dirty diaper.  Gabe and I had left to go get the groceries/ingredients for taco salad so unfortunately mom (grandma) was left with the mess.  This morning, Brody seemed a little uncomfortable so I called the nurse and asked if this is normal.  She told me to give him a 3rd suppository and I might could try pear juice.  At this point, I am thinking I am pretty much refusing to give another suppository unless it is absolutely necessary.  After discussing my options with my mom, I ran up to Market Street and picked up a few 4 oz jars of Gerber Pear Juice.  The nurse said to give 1 1/2 oz in the morning and evening.  This was about 9:30 am and Brody was OUT!  He slept until about noonish and was given the pear juice as well as a bottle of milk.  I had to go take a test and when I got home at 3, I walked in the door and a minute or two later, we had another dirty diaper.  I am glad this seemed to work and I am anxious to see what the next few days ahead have in store for us.  So if you know anyone who is having the same baby pooping problems, please share this info.  The babies will LOVE the juice and it is so much for comfy for the babies to drink juice rather than have something shoved up their tiny booty.  

I am sure Brody would be mortified if he knew I was blogging about his bodily functions, so Brody I am apologizing.  I am hoping this is informational to other mommies and daddies.


Paige said...

The juice did the trick for Blake when she hadn't gone in a while. I'm glad he is better.

The Q. Family said...

We totally used pear juice for Collin too! I'm a big fan and so was he! :) Glad he's feeling better.

Kelly and Andrew said...

love the poop info :)
i'll store all your ideas in my brain for when we're baby ready!

Cortney & Justin said...

I may have to try that! MaKenna has been fussy lately and has not had too many poopy diapers either so I am guessing she may have a tummy ache... if it continues I will go buy some pear juice. Thanks Linds for the advice! :)