Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy Bees

My goodness things have been so crazy busy lately, we have barely had time to breathe and now we are all 3 sick!  On Sunday, I noticed Brody started sneezing a little and had a slight cough and my throat started to hurt.  I woke up Monday morning not feeling well, went to school, was freezing, throat hurting, fever increasing throughout the day, headache and lower back ache.  I called the doctor, went to the doctor, was tested for strep and flu (both came back negative) and was diagnosed with a upper resipitory infection and have had an extremely scratchy voice since Tuesday.  I am now on the biggest pill I have ever seen in my life, amoxicillin. Gabe started feeling bad the next day, his symptoms are blocked ears, sore throat and congestion.  We called the pedi yesterday since Brody has been having a lot of yuckiness in his nose.  He is now on saline drops to help with that, along with a vitamin drop.  Needless to say, I have let my work pile up and now have 2 weeks worth of papers to grade.  My class is starting a novel next week, and I will be spending part of my weekend reading, A Tale of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  Please, be jealous!!  ;)  
Speaking of my sweet baby boy, he has started tearing up when he cries so that means his tear ducts are developing.  He will sometimes grab the bottle when he feeds, and is smiling so much!  Brody is loving his tummy time and loves to stare at himself in the mirror.  He will be in the pack and play downstairs napping and when you go over to check on him or see if he is still sleeping, sometimes he is just laying there wide awake staring at himself in the mirror, sucking on his paci.  He kicks his legs like crazy, and they are some strong legs!  Ok, enough bragging!!  I just am amazed he is almost 7 weeks old!
Since the last post, I was thrown a WONDERFUL sip and see by some dear friends.  Thank you to everyone who came.  It meant a lot to me.  You all continue to spoil Brody with the fabulous gifts, which are sincerely appreciated.  I loved visiting with my far away friend Kelly who I don't get to see very often.  Kelly, Allison and I had a lovely dinner at PF Changs in order to spend more time together and catch up since the last time we were together in December.  I love you both and thanks so much for everything!  (And my sister too, who helped out so much).  
The following weekend, I co-hostessed a baby shower for my great friend, Amber, who is due with baby Teagan in June!  It turned out great and Teagan received some adorable gifts.  We are so anxious to meet her little girl.  Amber looks amazing and her belly grows so much everytime I see her.  Gabe and I already have Brody and Teagan paired up as BF/GF!  It's going to be fun to have a girl thrown in the mix.  

Look at her tiny shoe collection!

My mom has been spending a lot of time in San Antonio lately, due to some unfortunate news.  My step-grandpa (the only grandpa I have ever known on my moms side of the family) was diagnosed with brain tumors which have caused him to lose the ability to speak and swallow.  It is the saddest news since it all happened so quickly.  My grandma noticed his speech beginning to slur a little, so they made an appointment for a CT-scan.  Then they did a biopsy, and ever since he has not spoken or swallowed.  We just visited him in January and he was completely normal.  He has been given 1-2 months, but you just never know how long with cancer which is the scary thing.  I think the saddest part of all is that he was a POW in Vietnam for 7 years and  this man has the most incredible, amazing stories (some of which make you cry) and he will never be able to tell them again.  I feel so lucky to have heard some of the many he has to tell. Gabe and I are hoping to go down to SA as soon as we can to visit him and introduce him to Brody.  If you could just pray for my grandmas strength to get through this tough time and that he is comfortable. I think my sister said it best "We know that we cannot save him so I just pray that God will wrap his arms around everyone close to him and comfort them as much as possible."  

Any prayer would be appreciated.  


Kelly and Andrew said...

I've been wondering how your grandpa was doing. I'm glad your mom has been able to visit with them so much.
I wish I could come visit sweet Brody again soon and see all of these milestones he is reaching!!
I love you so much and think about you guys all the time! Feel better!!

The Q. Family said...

P&PT's (prayers and positive thoughts). Love your pics- sounds like you are doing great (minus the sicknesss). Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay / Gabe - I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. Please know that all of you are in my prayers! Please let me know if I can do anything! Miss ya! With Love, Holly