Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 Months!

Baby Brody was 3 months yesterday and we couldn't love him more. Here is my new fav pic of him.
All about Brody:
~ He is grabbing things
~ He is reaching for things
~ He only fusses when he is hungry, and then he gets angry! ;)
~ He has been sleeping through the night most of his short life
~ He is "talking" all the time
~ His smile is to die for!
~ He is working on his laugh
~ He is bashful at times, which again is adorable.
~ He is beginning to entertain him self
~ He LOVES to be outside!
~ His paci or his fingers/fist is in his mouth at all times
~ He is able to roll over from tummy to back with ease
~ He is practicing rolling from back to tummy
~ His favorite songs are the ABC song and The Itsy Bitsy Spider
~ He has the biggest blue eyes
~ He has the BEST baby hair of all time!

Wow, I could go on but I must have some self control! He is the sweetest baby and I am beyond thrilled to have him in my life. I only hope he knows how much he is loved.


Kelly and Andrew said...

what a sweet little guy! i want to hold him and kiss his cheeks!

Michelle said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Chelsea & Nick said...

He is precious!! Love that hair!

McNitts said...

He is so precious!!! Lets get together SOON please!!!