Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time for a break

Wow have we been busy!! Time for a break from packing and time to blog! I forget how busy teachers are at the end of the year! It has been crazy nuts. I am officially done teaching for this year. A very bittersweet thing. It has been a hard year, but I got great experience and I worked with an incredible team. There were many things I liked about my school and very few things I did not, which I believe is a school that is hard to come by. The staff there is absolutely amazing and anyone who works there is lucky. We were named Exemplary again which is super. My personal classes TAKS scores were great, much better than I thought...I must say I am proud. I moved out of my classroom yesterday and am excited to spend every day with Brody. Please let me know if you know of an open position in McK, Frisco, Allen, Prosper, etc.
We are busy bees packing it up. And Gabe has been in Vegas since Thursday, leaving me to single parent it for 4 days. Well, kind of anyway... mostly at night. Mom and Ron are the best! I am going to miss their help! We are closing/moving on Tuesday. It has seemed so far away for so long and now it is finally here. Can you please pinch me! I still don't believe we are moving again! I have the most patient hubby for living with mom and Ron since October. It takes a special person to put up with in-laws for that long of a time.
Brody is growing and developing more and more each day. He rolls over from tummy to back with ease and rolled from back to tummy today! Mom read that this normally happens at 4 months and my little guys isn't even 3 months yet. I am loving his smile, it is the best! Especially in the mornings when he is waking up. He will get to sleep in his big boy room and crib come Tuesday! What a change I am going to have to adjust to.

Here is my man sitting in his Bumbo (thanks Carli!)

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McNitts said...

We cant wait to see the new house! As soon as yall get settled, we need to get together for a cook out so our babies can play together! :) You tell me when is a good time for yall. Miss you as always and can't wait to see Brody again!