Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We had a great time in CA. Brody was pretty good on the flight...I am probably a little more critical because I am always so worried about everyone else's experience around the little guy. He is so active, it ended up being a little challenging to keep him confined in a 3x3 space! Here are a few pics from his 1st plan ride. BTW he napped for 20 minutes going up and 2o minutes going down! The rest of the trip (2 hours) he was happy to be awake! Lucky us! ;)
This trip was a little different than the last few we have been on, for obvious reasons...but it was still extremely enjoyable and we had a nice time visiting with Gabe's side of the family.

Friday, we window shopped on Roberston and went to the Dodger game (Brody's 1st baseball game). He was soo good at the game. The first 5 times the crowd cheered Brody's face would change from happy to sad in slow-mo. It was the saddest, cutest thing! It scared him!!! He eventually warmed up to it and had fun. Everyone around was admiring his cuteness.

Saturday we headed to Malibu so Brody could go to the beach for his first time! We ate at Gladstone's since Gabe's dad had never been there, and it is right on the beach. We drove through the Pepperdine campus, which Gabe and I had not seen...BEAUTIFUL! And ended our night at Koi.
My delicious dinner of Kobe steak, since I don't do sushi.

Sunday did not go as planned, thanks to Gabe! ;) This should sum it up!
(A little scary at first, but turned out to be ok. While we were waiting for the EMT, we sure did see a motorcyclist run into a truck...good thing for helmets. We think he is ok too.)
We were able to do a small bit of shopping in Santa Monica - thanks for being a trooper! Love you babe!

Monday we headed home. On the flight home, one of the flight attendants really took to Brody and was kind enough to walk him up and down the aisles to entertain him for a little bit while mommy and daddy took a much needed break.

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Valerie said...

Wow, looks like you guys had fun... I love Brody's hair!! Maybe you guys can come visit me if I live in Cali next year!!! I am applying for internships in San Diego and Palo Alto (San Francisco)!