Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mommy Help

We are well into feeding Brody solids and he is doing extremely well, but I do have a question... When we take the spoon out of his mouth to fill it with more food, he whines and/or screams. So my question is, do I hurry up and shove some more food into his mouth or do I wait for him to calm down before giving him the next bite?


Jeni said...

I use to shovel it in as fast as I could...not sure if this is what you are "supposed" to do but it kept him happy! happy baby = happy mommy! :)

HILER said...

I agree with Jeni, but later when he started eating table food, Jackson would get so much food in his mouth and start to choke. We would have to pace him then.

The Q. Family said...

I recommend just staying calm. This is the beginning of him learning patience! I mean I wouldn't wait 5 minutes between bites, but just go at your normal pace and see what happens. I wish I had done that more with Collin and we're paying for it now! He *expects* milk to be ready the exact second he wakes from a nap, food to be ready the moment he sits in his chair, etc. We're trying to change that now, before QB2 gets here!