Monday, November 2, 2009

A Scarecrow with a Skunk and Leopard friends?

We had a great Halloween and hope you did the same. Although Brody and his buddies are too young this year, next year should be even more fun with actually going trick or treating. My dad and his wife Pat, my grandpa, and my sister traveled over for the early part of the afternoon to spend sometime with Brody. It was of course great seeing them. We went to our neighborhoods Halloween festivities - a dog parade and costume contest. Rocky sadly did not enter. He isn't very nice to fellow canines, therefore leaving us no option but to leave him home.
Later in the evening, our friends came over (the Longs and Colbergs). We are so lucky to have wonderful friends so close. It was an experience with the 3 little ones! They do not get to all three be together often enough so it is great seeing them interact. Gavin was hilariously cute in the skunk costume...the tail was awesome! And sweet Teagan was as adorable as ever in her leopard costume...she even let mommy put a nose and wiskers on her face. Teagan and Brody got to stroll around the neighborhood while the big kids went house to house. Guess it wasn't too exciting for them since they both fell asleep.
If Brody could talk, I believe he would say he had a great Halloween!


Jalei & Lane said...

That is a cute scarecrow!

Debbie said...

awesome cute! :)