Monday, February 15, 2010

Harvey Lee Lewis

For the record, this is my second post in 1 month, which I think is pretty outstanding and shows that I care about this wonderful outlet. So my dad came to town and it was a very manly weekend. For those that don't know, my dad lives in L.A. Last time he saw Brody was in August, so there have been many advancements with the little man since then. I was very pleased that Brody had begun to walk, so grand dad could see that. My brother came over for most of Saturday and brought Brody's cousin Bella. It was a fun day in the Lewis household! My dad is obsessed with tex-mex and barbecue, so living in California it is kind of hard to get the good stuff (though as a side note, I enjoy southern California mexican food as much or more than tex-mex). Anyway, we always treat him to both while he is here at least once. This time it was Chuy's, Rudy's, and Mi Cocina. My dad suffers from the Lewis' heartburn gene, so he got about 2 hours of sleep Saturday night because his chest and throat felt like it was on fire... sometimes, Tums and Prilosec just aren't enough.

Sunday was a good day because we went on the Cowboy's Stadium tour, which is like $17 and well worth it. It was my dad's first time to see the completed stadium and so he was pretty excited. We had season tickets back when they were winning Super Bowls in the early 90's, so he is a pretty big fan.

It was a short trip, but we were happy to have him and glad he was able to see Brody. Til the next time...


Dad/Harvey said...

I had such an awesome weekend and getting to chase little man Brody around was a special treat. I love all of you so much.

Alyssa and Kevin said...

I didn't know you could take stadium tours. THAT is so awesome!