Saturday, February 13, 2010

Texas Snow Day

What a beautiful scene! A once in a lifetime experience here in DFW with absolutely breath-taking views. This was definitely a winter wonderland! On Thursday we waited for daddy to get home before we went out and played in the snow. Brody has an ear infection, so it was only right to stay outside for just a little bit...what a good sport! He didn't really know what was going on and was not really interested in the snow. Although, standing on the covered porch he stuck his hand out like he wanted to grab/touch the falling snow. I am thankful we were able to experience such beauty, but also glad this is not the norm here. It was a nice and special treat.
The view of our house at 1:00 pm on Thursday
Standing in the snow
Daddy helping Brody make his very first snow angel
Mommy and Brody

Friday morning - no work day!! Gabe and I enjoyed some outside time while our sweet angel baby continued getting some beauty sleep. One of us decided to get out the snowboard and go down a few hills at the greenbelt by our house. Crazy guy!! We threw snowballs at each other and just goofed off for a little while. The snow was so powdery and there was tons of it! I believe we ended up with around 9 inches. These pics were taken from our garage. Simply gorgeous for McKinney, TX!

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