Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas Cards 2010

After promoting Shutterfly for the free Christmas Cards, I never ordered. I was really excited about it in the beginning because i had never done a photo card before. My excitement slowly decreased with each passing day. I wanted to take a family pic, but "somebody" always had a reason to wait. I considered individual photos, but I didn't have any of myself that I wanted on a Christmas Card that was recent. Then I thought maybe just put the boys on the cards, even though I really wanted it to be the four of us. So 'discouraged Lindsay' just said to heck with it and never ordered Christmas cards.

Bad Mom award goes to me!

I did LOVE receiving all the ones that arrived in our mailbox, so thank you for thinking of us. Maybe I will have my ducks in a row for next year...

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rene lewis said...

sorry Lindsay "somebody" should have been more cooperative -