Sunday, February 6, 2011

Santa Picture 2010

This did not go as well as last year. Gabe saw the Santa at Northpark Mall as a child, so we thought it would be special for our children to see the same Santa as long as he is still there.

Brody blessed us with an awesome 1st Santa picture last year (2009).

This year, not so much. We knew this would be a challenging year, and that is exactly what we received. This picture really makes us laugh and we are looking forward to next year to see what we get!

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Debbie said...

haha. awwww. i only laugh because we had the exact same problem this year. Jacob HATED Santa!! My Dad even dresses up as Santa on Christmas and I was banking on getting a good picture then b/c we couldn't at the mall. No such luck. He was still scared to death. Hoping next year is better when they're closer to being 3! ;)