Sunday, February 27, 2011

12 Days

Gabe posted this weeks ago but I wanted things to be in order, so click the link below. I'm almost up to date on my posting!

My "Favorite Friend"

My friend, Jenny, and I go way back. She was one of my first friends by default because our parents were friends and our older siblings were friends. When I would talk about Jenny when I was teeny tiny, I would refer to her as "my favorite friend," not my best friend but my favorite friend. We went to church together and a private elementary school together through 3rd grade, until I left to attend public school. Our friendship suffered a little for a few years since we stopped seeing each other everyday. Once I became engaged to Gabe, Jenny immediately came to mind as someone I wanted to be a bridesmaid of mine. Ever since we have stayed in much better contact with each other. She recently moved to San Diego and every time she is in town, we almost always make it work to have a quick visit. Since she was here for Christmas, I was her last stop before heading back to SD. We met at the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. She had never eaten there and I was hoping it would keep Brody's attention during our visit (not so much). Luckily, Gabe was there to help! It was also her first time to meet baby Cash.

She is so great with kids, she was a nanny for years, and I am thankful she is here to watch my kids grow up even if our visits are only a couple times a year.

A few pics from our most recent visit:

Some wedding photos:

Love ya, Jenny!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Four Christmases

Christmas this year was busier than ever! Since Gabe and I both come from divorced families we were able to celebrate this magical time of year four times! It would have been 5, but we were not able to travel to Boerne for Christmas with my grandma, uncle, and cousins. I will give a brief blurb about each one below so be prepared for another long post.

Christmas Eve (morning) - Christmas #1:

My father in law, Harvey, who lives in L.A. was offered an opportunity to produce a few 15 second commercials for Joe's Crab Shack (airing now). With this opportunity, he was able to do majority of the work in Los Angeles, a little bit in NYC, and then about 10 days in Dallas (which happened to end the day before Christmas Eve). Gabe and I hosted Christmas Eve morning with a Mexican lunch in order to switch it up from the traditional ham or turkey. Luckily, I have a wonderful hubby who wanted to take care of all the food from getting the tamales, cooking tortilla soup, making cornbread, Spanish rice and black beans. It turned out great and was a nice change.
We were spoiled with tons of lovely gifts, and enjoyed the great company. It was so nice to be able to spend this special time of year with my father in law and his girlfriend, Rochelle, since we usually don't get to.

Christmas Eve (mid-day):

One of my cousins from Scottsdale, Melanie, was in town spending Christmas with her husband's family, in Allen, so we HAD to get together for a brief visit. We met her and her baseball player husband at the Galleria. We took Brody to the kid zone so he could be entertained and we could chat, while baby Cash slept in the stroller. She was sweet enough to bring a few gifts and it was HER birthday.
I know that isn't one of the four Christmases, but I wanted this note for our memory.

Christmas Eve (evening) - Christmas #2:

After leaving the Galleria, we headed home to get ready for Christmas with my sister, dad, and step mom, Pat. My dad and Pat were gracious enough to bring the ham and potatoes and dessert over so I just had to add the green bean casserole. It is becoming a tradition to spend Christmas Eve with my dad. It just works, and why fix something that isn't broken, right?
Once again, we were all spoiled with wonderful things, which we all appreciate. Thanks for bringing the yummy food, dad!

Christmas Morning - A Mini Christmas

Santa came! Both boys got one Santa gift. Cash is just loving his Santa gift, and Brody's Santa gift was a little bit overwhelming and not sure if we will keep it. It just wasn't what we were expecting! (bad mom alert- I procrastinated on getting Christmas PJ's for the boys, but I did have Christmas outfits for the day.)

Christmas Morning (mid-morning) - Christmas #3:

My brother in law was gracious enough to host this Christmas at his new house. We had a fantastic meal and visit, just wish we could have stayed longer. Brody and Bella always have a great time together.

Cash loving on Nana

Brody and Bella watching Christmas Vacation

Brody watching Bella drink his juice

Bella's Santa present, a puppy

Unsolicited assistance from Bella :)

Brody loving on Nana

Brody's loving it, Cash not so much...

Christmas Afternoon - Christmas #4:

Since we were already out on the road, we decided it would be best to stop at my mom and Ron's, instead of having them come to us. We snacked over there since we had just eaten a huge meal. It was nice getting to see their new outdoor patio they had built. Can't wait to enjoy it when the weather gets a little nicer. We were definitely spoiled, but Brody was spoiled rotten!

We must have been good this year....

Baby Cash playing

Mr. Brody

A pro at opening presents by this time!

Trying out the new scooter

Grandma and Baby Cash

Sweet sweet Baby Cash



Mommy and Peanut

Musical Reindeer Feet