Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Clean Bill of Health and a Hospital Scare

Let's start off with the scare...   (and no, it was not a false baby alarm)

Sunday evening Gabe started to complain about some abdominal cramps.  He took a few different types of over the counter meds to pass it by.  Off to bed we go, no problems.  Get up Monday, back to work...still no problems!  Monday night, dinner time, Gabe starts to talk about how the cramps have come back and this time there is no subsiding them.  He went to bed around 11 and was up at 1:30 after not sleeping much to getting on the computer to look up his symptoms. I wake up to him being up and moving around.  2:30 we decide he needs to go to the hospital.  He gets hooked up to an IV around 4 am and goes for a CT scan about 5:30.  I had to leave at 6 to go get ready for work.  It was so hard to leave my sicky at the hospital.  Results came back around 6:30 and nothing was found on the scan.  Gabe finally gets some morphine to help with the pain he had been feeling for 12 hours!!!!  Needless to say he felt "CHILL" the rest of the day.  He left the hospital around 7 with no diagnosis!  How frustrating???  Since then, he has felt ok but he is going to see a specialist on Friday so hopefully we can get some answers!  Not to brag on myself, but I was a trooper and got up with Gabe at 2 and stayed by his side at the hospital until 6, went home, got ready, went to work, came home, picked up Gabe and went to MY doctors appointment  (He was a trooper too, going to my appointment with me), came home, and finally went to bed!  What a long day!  

So to end on a positive note, Brody seems to be growing and measuring up to par.  He is very active summersaulting my belly!  I wish you all could see how funny it looks when the left side of my stomach is about 3 inches higher than the right side, that's when he is really active!  It is so crazy, yet so amazing at the same time.  9 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!


Kelly and Andrew said...

andrew had stomach issues this time last year which sent him to the ER in the middle of the night too. they couldn't find anything and after doctor after doctor, they concluded it was stress/anxiety related. i'm not sure about gabe, but andrew's anxiety comes out in physical forms. it's tough to deal with!

valerie h. said...

Hope Gabe is feeling better, glad to hear you are feeling well! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!