Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day

Well, today is very icy outside and most school districts are closed. Yes, I am glad I have the day off, especially since I have a lot of work to do and I am "under the weather," but I am not excited about making this day up in June.  Gabe still had to go into work and I was worried the whole time.  I had him call me once he got there so I could be put at ease...I get this worried-ness from my grandma!  :)  Rocky and I just got up from a cat nap, but I feel as though I could sleep all day, thanks to my sinus yuckiness.  I must keep motivated to work, so I won't have so much to do this weekend, even with the tissue box and cran-apple juice by my side.

Mom is cooking away downstairs for the "Souper Bowl" get-together she is hosting tonight.  I will go down and help when I need a break from working.  I offered earlier and she told me to go get some work done.  She is still my mom, even though I am 25, so I guess I should still listen to her.  

Hoping everyone is staying safe and warm if you must get out today!

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