Friday, April 10, 2009

Heart Murmur?

We woke up early to go to the pedi heart specialist to get Brody's heart all checked out.  After an EKG and a 30 minute heart sonogram, the result is that this is probably an innocent murmur and will be continued to be watched until he is a year old.  The blood vessels are extra small in his tiny heart and the way the blood is flowing through one of them is making a "swooshing" sound.  Babies typically grow out of this as they get bigger, so do the blood vessels.  If we still hear this "swooshing" sound at a year, we will do further testing.  As of now, nothing to worry about and nothing to check into further.  They did weigh and measure him at the visit today and he weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces (after being converted from kg), which I am not so sure is accurate.  When Gabe brought him back to the room, his diaper was wet and pretty heavy.  I am thinking that his weight is a little high due to the wet would mean he gained a pound in one week!  I do believe he is gaining weight and is probably in the 9 pound range.  Maybe I am wrong and that is accurate??  He measured the same as last week 21.5 inches.
While we were at the specialist appointment, the person who did Brody's heart sonogram was a friend of mine from JH and HS!  Anyone remember Mavyn Yancey??  It was great seeing her after so many years and I knew my little guy was in good hands with Miss Mavyn.

We are heading to McKinney this evening to see the house progress and to have dinner with some great friends we haven't seen in a while.  I am looking forward to seeing what has been done after a week.  

Brody is starting to grunt a little, he may be waking from his nap (which means time to eat!).  Hope you all have a fanastic Easter.

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