Thursday, July 16, 2009

4 Mo. Stats

Well Baby Brody is definitely small! Here goes:

Weight: 13 lbs 5 oz (21%tile)
Height: 24 1/2" (36%tile)
Head Circ.: 16.25 (26%tile)

Love, love, love our pediatrician!!! If you live out this way, Stonebridge Pediatrics is the way to go. We never feel rushed, all of our questions are always answered, he is so gentle with my little man, and friendly as can be! We will start feeding Mr. Brody rice cereal this weekend. Interested to see how he will do... He has cradle cap, which we knew, but good thing all that all that crazy hair covers it up. Dr. Alvis gave us the suggestion to try to wash his hair with Selsun Blue Shampoo to see if that takes care of it. Brody was given 3 shots today (took them like a champ!) and he has been out like a light ever since Brooke and I left McAlister's. I was able to wander around Bed Bath and Beyond for a long time and then went to Babies R Us to exchange and walked around for a bit there too. Now we are home and Brody was up to eat and get a diaper change and now he is sleeping again! Hope he will continue to sleep so he isn't hurting from the shots, but also want him to continue sleeping through the night! I love my child.

It is amazing how many people will stop me while I am out shopping to comment on Brody's hair. 90% of the time they continue to have a conversation with me, while I am always polite, I am not always interested in talking with complete strangers for 5-10 minutes. Guess it is a good thing I am usually not busy! Better get some things done and be productive while I have the free time!

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The Q. Family said...

We had to use Selsun Blue Shampoo on Collin's hair when he was a baby too. Worked like a charm! Love B's hair!