Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Little Man

We are beginning to believe Brody is the most active infant in the world. He is determined to hit all the milestones and does them early, or at least we think he is. He started rolling over at 2 1/2 months and the average time period is month 4. We are now unable to control his rolling. I will turn around for a minute and he is across the room from where he was laid down! He is getting really close to sitting alone and the average time period is 8 months. He is also working extremely hard at crawling! He was practicing by scooting (hiney in the air, on his toes) around the perimeter of his crib last night and stopped only because he was overcome with exhaustion. Avg. age for this is again 8 months.

We have our 4 month well check up tomorrow. He should be getting 2 shots, so I am not looking forward to that but at least Gabe will be there. I am always anxious to get his stats and should post them tomorrow. Wondering if he is still on the small side?

Our camera is done! Dead! And we haven't unpacked the charger. Oops! As soon I as I do, I will get to snapping some more photos. I have a pic from last Friday when my Grandpa (Brody's Great-Grandpa) was over. He, by the way, adores Brody more than life itself. He is the most adorable, precious man in the world and the way his face lights up when he is with Brody just melts my heart.

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