Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Brother 11

Is anyone else watching this show? Gabe and I have been huge fans of this show for YEARS and we are so glad it is back on! Gabe says he will be on this show one day...I'm not so sure of that. I believe he is all talk! ;) Anyway, they have re-vamped it for this new season and it is all about high school and it really does seem to be taking them all back to HS. It's hilarious. If you aren't watching you can pick it up at any time. It is a commitment though since it is on 3 days a week. Gabe and I already have our favorites and are definitely pulling for them! We were sad to see Braden go...what a goofball!


The Q. Family said...

Lindz- we watch it too! Do y'all have Showtime? We like watching the after hours stuff also! :)

Debbie said...

I'm addicted!!! I've always loved BB! Who are your favs?? I can't stand Chima...her annoying laugh and diva attitude and irritating!

I like Jeff and Jordan! :)

I did a post about BB 11 last week to see who was watching, too! Ha. :)