Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Catching Up

We have been extra busy this past week. I will summarize and make it short and sweet!

Wednesday - call for a job interview. Mom, Ron, and Devon came over, babysat while I interviewed and got the job!! Gabe's HS friends came over Jason and Jordy to go to the Blink 182 reunion concert. Devon and I hung out and played with Brody. Mom and Ron met friends for dinner.

Thursday - Went in at 7 am to fill out paperwork and begin reading some of the training guides. Picked up Kelly from the airport. Hung out at the house, went to dinner at OTB while Gabe stayed home with the little guy.

Friday - Kelly, Brody, and I went to Target. Met our cute, tiny, preggo friend Allison for lunch and shopped for her travel system/stroller. Kelly went home with Allison while Brody and I ran more errands. Gabe and I met Brooke and Steve and Adam and Amber for dinner with our babies (where Brody was pretty much a nightmare the entire dinner! Enough to make me lose my appetite! It didn't help that we had to wait forever before we sat down)

Saturday - We were up early to make the drive to Arlington for Brody-man's 6 month photo shoot. Met my dad, sister, and grandpa for lunch. Back to McKinney, I left to go to Allison's baby shower where I got to see my old college roommate who I haven't seen in years, Lisa. Came home and met Amber, Adam, and Teagan for McKinney's Oktoberfest celebration. Back to our house to watch the first part of the Tech game. We were all exhausted!!

Sunday- ran errands while Gabe stayed home with Brodsters and did lots of helpful chores around the house. Thanks honey!

Monday - first day of my first week at my new job. Met a "Fossil friend" for lunch who is sadly moving to Atlanta. So happy for her though! Thanks mom for babysitting Brody while I went to lunch and ran some much needed errands!

Tuesday - un-eventful (thank goodness!)

Wednesday (today) - was offered another part time job! When it rains it pours! :)

As you can see, we aren't taking Brody many places these days. He is extremely difficult in restaurants and is on the go 24/7. We couldn't love him more. His fun-loving personality is developing more and more everyday. Brody is happiest at home. He will laugh and play, crawl and stand, bounce and roll all day if you would let him. His fingers/hand are constantly in his mouth, he is snotty and drooling up a storm. I am afraid he is getting more teeth! I will post recent pics here soon when I can catch my breath. I should be in bed now getting my rest since tomorrow is another FULL day.


Valerie said...

Congratulations on your new job!! Where is it? I went to a professor appreciation night last night at the KD house and thought of you and Lisa!! A lot has changed in there and it looks really, really nice (not that it didn't before!) I miss you, call me when you get a free moment!

Kelly said...

what part time job were you offered!??!

The Q. Family said...

Congrats!! Where are you working?

Regina said...

Wow, you have been busy. Congrats on the job!

Jalei & Lane said...

Good job getting the job & a 2nd offer!