Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Rene!

Saturday was my MIL's birthday! We surprised her by flying in her sister from Atlanta early Saturday morning. We all show up to "pick her up for breakfast" and in walks Jan. Priceless moment!
After hanging out for a bit, we decide to head to lunch in Grapevine. I gave the suggestion of Esparza's even though it was already planned to have more surprise visitors arrive there (her brother Jerry and his wife Pam, her best friend Sally, and her Aunt Mary and cousin Mark).
Her last surprise was what Jerry and Pam picked up on their way in from East Texas...Bodacious BBQ! We had a house full on Saturday, but loved every second of it. So glad we were able to celebrate with most of the Journey family!

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Paige said...

mmm i love bodacious bbq!