Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

It's Christmas!! Get me out of here so I can open presents!!!
Enjoying the snow!
OK, I want to touch it.
Not sure how I feel about this...
So, I will try it again!
Family Photo #1 Christmas Morning. Please excuse our rough appearances!
Opening his very 1st present from SANTA!
SANTA really knows how to wrap ribbon tightly...he needed some help.
Still working on that ribbon! The anticipation is killing me...
Attacking the SANTA gift! A Elmo Encore Live. Soo fun!
Love this one! He knew exactly what to do when it came to opening presents! What a perfect age for his 1st Christmas.
Opening more presents!
Bella and Brody in Brody's new Radio Flyer Wagon! Thanks Nana!
Family Photo #2 This is the best we could get on Christmas Day (evening).
What a sweet baby boy! He had a wonderful 1st Christmas thanks to all of our family and friends who celebrated with us. Well, and of course the jolly ol' man, SANTA!

We started the morning off with our little family and opened Santa gifts. My sister was the first to arrive and Mom and Ron shortly after. We quickly opened presents while my MIL, BIL and Bella were heading this way. Once everyone was here and the ham and 'fixins' were ready, we ate and filled our bellies up. After the holiday meal, we opened presents with the Lewis' while mom and Ron cleaned up the dishes! (thanks a million). I am going to try to get pictures of Brody using all (well, most of) his gifts so you can see how much he is enjoying them!

We all really enjoyed spending time together, watching Brody experience this special day. Thanks for all of the wonderful gifts. We had an amazing day and were thankful to share it with you all.

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