Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Birthdays

We have celebrated 4 birthdays this month. Presley turned 1, our friend Adam turned 28, my grandma turned 82, and my grandpa turned 91.

Presley is the daughter of Justin and Karlyn Nelson. I cannot believe she is already a year old, which means Brody's 1st birthday is just around the corner. We celebrated sweet Presley's birthday at her house. Brody was able to play with the birthday girl along with baby Teagan. Gavin was at home sick that day, but Brooke joined in on the fun. We gave Presley Dr. Suess books and stuffed animals. You are never too little for books and reading!! (Listen to that inner teacher voice)
Brody with the Birthday Girl
Brody and Presley
Brody playing with Teagan

We celebrated Adam's birthday earlier this month by joining a bunch of friends at Buca de Beppo. Delicious Italian food...well, that is if you order right. Gabe and I ordered Chicken Marsala, which tasted like chicken and maple syrup....so much for branching out and trying something new. After tasting that and neither of us liking it, we decided to order our usual cheese ravioli -- MUCH better. And of course we cannot go there and not get the Apple salad, yummy. It was about 1,000 degrees in the restaurant that night and after chasing Brody and Gavin around the restaurant, we were pooped. It was fun celebrating a birthday with one of our dear friends. Here are a few pics from the evening.
Brody standing/walking
The Birthday Boy and his lovely wife
Our friends Abby and Chris
Princess Teagan!!

The next birthday we celebrated was my sweet sweet grandma's special day. Gabe, Brody, my sister, and I traveled down to Boerne, TX where my uncle just purchased a house on 2 acres. It was a gorgeous home and we very glad to arrive there safely on a rainy and foggy night. It took us 6.5 hours to get there when it should only take 5. We were slowed down due to the rain and curvy, narrow country roads. I was extremely worried about hitting a deer so I made Gabe drive a little slower and more cautiously, even though I know he would have anyway. Mom's always have to worry when our babies are in the car. We had a wonderful weekend visiting with all my cousins and their families and significant others, my mom and Ron, uncle and Mary, and of course my grandma. It was great seeing them and really getting to catch up. I am so glad my grandma was able to see and spend time with Brody since she has only seen him 2 times and it had been quite a while. We are hoping to get her out this way soon to visit and spend even more time with our little baby boy. It was great to get away and enjoy the beautiful land. They cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, and s'mores over an open fire. Sooo good!! We left early Sunday morning and Gabe only missed the 1st quarter of the Cowboys playoff game.
Brody opening his gift (a ball popper machine) from his Great-Grandma - he LOVES this thing, and so does Rocky!
Brody helping Great-Grandma open her birthday/Christmas gifts. What a helper!!
Mommy and Brody hanging out by the fire
Great-Grandma, Brody, and Grandma playing
Grandma and Brody
Cousin Nick and Cousin Burkely
This just melts my heart, Cousin Caelan was so sweet to Brody - sharing his games the whole weekend. It was the first time for them to even meet.
Some of the group

Cousin Troy (our bartender) and gf Shelly

The last birthday we celebrated this month was for my darling grandpa. We traveled to Arlington last Sunday to celebrate this special day. It is there where we met up with dad and Pat, Aunt Denise, Aunt Marji and Uncle Larry, Devon, and some family friends. We ate at a hole in the wall called Moni's Pizza in North Arlington. It is a favorite of my grandpa's and I am pretty sure we went there last year the week of his birthday! I am amazed at how good he looks for 91. He is so active and still drives (sometimes)! We are so greatful of the time he gets to spend with Brody because he lives so close. Gabe and I opted out of the cake and ice cream portion of the day so we could drive back and get Mr. Brody in bed at his normal time, 6:00.
(Sorry, no photos)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE JANUARY FOLKS! We hope your day was special. Thanks for letting us be apart of your day.


The Q. Family said...

WOW! Lots of celebrating going on! I love the pic of you and Brody by the fire! Haven't seen a picture of you in so long... you look beautiful!!

Debbie said...

how fun! September is our big birthday month. Moni's is actually pretty good! a friend told me about it a few months back...glad u guys liked it! :)