Saturday, January 30, 2010


Lately we have been keeping things kind of low key and our days have become very much of a routine. I have been doing lots of reading and going to bed early, which is wonderful. I have so many shows on the DVR that I just can't bring myself to watch because I would rather read a book in my warm bed or challenge Gabe to a game of Wii bowling before going to bed. I have been finding myself on the computer and iphone less and less these past few weeks, which I guess is a good thing. Therefore, we haven't had anything too interesting to blog about. So here are just some pictures of Brody from the last 2 months with a brief explanation here and there.

Loving the Ball Popper!! (Thanks Great Grandma)

Enjoying a fairly warm January day with mom outside

Being silly

Playing with my Activity table and doing so very seriously! (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa)

Just being C-U-T-E

Playing with Patches (Thank you Aunt Devon)

Enjoying a wagon ride on a COLD day! (A gift from Nana)

Lunch with some old friends during the holidays

Playing with Brody before his 6:00 bed time.

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Kelly said...

Burr! That wragon ride looks cold!