Monday, November 15, 2010


For the past 2 years we have had a few sets of friends over on Halloween evening. We had a great time last year, but this year was a little bit more exciting than the last solely due to the fact that this was the first time for the kiddos to go trick or treating, minus baby Cash although he did tag along for the stroller ride.

I had seen a costume in one of the Halloween catalogs sent to my house which I thought was pretty cute. I showed Gabe and he agreed it was pretty funny. A few weeks before Halloween I hadn't done anything more on getting a costume for Brody, so I turned to the internet to do some browsing. I found that same costume but for $50 and I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that especially since I wasn't able to locate one in his size. That weekend we stopped at a local Halloween store to see what they had. Low and behold there it was. The exact costume I was eyeing. And for half the price! But they still only had sizes that were too big for Brody. Oh well, we purchased it anyway and had my MIL do some altering. I think... wait... I know Brody is the most adrable UPS delivery boy you will ever see!

Baby Cash in one of his Halloween outfits!

Here are some pictures of our evening, compliments of Brooke.

Look at those sweet smiles!!

Gavin, the zookeeper, and Brody

Gavin and Teagan, the duck

Brody and Teagan are off to Trick or Treat! They did so great and it was one of the cutest things to watch!

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